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13 January 2010 @ 09:26 am
Well, I guess that last blog post was a waste of time.

The one reply I did get from anyone who does any of the things I mentioned (I assume) was an anonymous comment with an insult. Not a particularly good insult either. Oh well.

I’ll stop trying to understand these things and just have a look for myself. I joined the VWF last week. I’ve seen some tension between the owner, the Torch poster known as Triple B and other FW guys recently but he’s been a pretty good guy when we’ve talked and has a pretty good head for the hobby it seems. So I thought that’d be a good place to put my neck out and experience another part of the e-fedding world.

The VWF is part of the E-Fed Knights, which I’m not familiar with AT ALL aside from what I read and what I hear from people. So this will be a fresh experience. They’ve never heard of me or my characters as far as I know, and I dig that. It’s not such a bad thing to prove yourself all over again.

I’ll comment on how things look over there as we go forward, but I anticipate that it’ll be a positive experience. So far, so good. First match upcoming.

On another note, the beginning of the big joint effort to put a big show together alongside WFW:NE has begun with the roleplay period for Aggression 50 starting yesterday.

The planning process has been interesting. But everything has worked out pretty well so far. I’m happy with the way it’s going right now and I expect a pretty good turnout both for the early shows and for the joint card as well. The one thing that’s challenging for something like this is balancing the needs of each fed with the need to put on a stellar show, which I intend to do. But it’s all about setting egos aside and being more concerned with the product. It’s fun to do shows like this.

Let’s see, what else?

A couple of news items or updates:

-- The EPW Hall of Fame announcement is coming soon. I’m waiting on a few hype pieces and that’ll be good to go.

-- The Best of EPW DVD is coming along nicely. I expect that to be ready to go by the time Aggression 50 roleplay ends at the latest.

-- Getting some fresh faces in the fed right now and that bodes well for things as we move forward. There’s a ton of talent on the roster to play around with when making booking plans and that makes what I do fun as hell.

That’s about it for the moment. Short update today – more later.
(Anonymous) on January 13th, 2010 06:27 pm (UTC)

This is by far the weirdest interpromotional card I've been involved in. Usually when I've done this in the past, I was absorbing other leagues in to mine so I could pretty much set up both sides and setup the reason why they were feuding.

There really isn't a storyline reason for the show, which is fine, because they do joint cards in Japan on the indies on a regular basis these days so it can and has been done. This is my first without a storyline though.

A big problem with setting up a show like this is that the overlap between the leagues is so large character wise, you want this show to be something you couldn't see normally in Empire or WFW:NE. There is also characters like Anarky, Edmunds, and Copycat which I've written for so much in the past, that I still can't perceive them as outsiders. You also run into problems where the same handlers run different characters and you don't really want to double book a guy. This is all without having to navigate HOPE & Anthology's feud. At the same time, you want a joint or interpromotional show to have dream matches, which either haven't happened that often or at all. I don't know if we achieved or can achieve that, but that is one of those things time will tell.