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05 November 2009 @ 06:56 am
Semi-annual re-start  
Ok, so I decided something. I'm just an opinionated person. The reason why I never could quite get into updating this thing is because as a fed head on FW.com I've always felt that I should be a little... diplomatic, let's say.

I have a pretty notorious temper when pushed. It hasn't really gotten me into trouble in the hobby mostly because it tends to be of the "righteous anger" kind rather than the more common random outbursting you might see from some. If my buttons are pushed, I can go off a little - but it takes some pushing.

But like I said, I'm opinionated. So I'm not gonna fight that anymore. Why not just say what I want? I'm pretty honest and straightforward with my handlers in EPW. I don't blow smoke up their ass. I've had to tell one or two in the past when pressed on their place on the card or a match result in less than polite terms how I felt about the issue in question, so why not be the same way in a public forum?

That said, let me say this...

I wouldn't make the sort of post Billy made on his blog the other day, at least the parts insulting other feds unprovoked, but at the same time...

How fucking great was that post, seriously?

I just dig the honesty, man. Billy is a button pusher mostly because he's not afraid to express his opinion. I don't think anyone should be apologetic for an expressed opinion on a personal blog. While I do feel like the various e-fedding forums are generally not the place for this sort of thing, and we've had a close to zero tolerance policy on posting that sort of stuff on FWC forever, a personal blog is the perfect venue. If he wants to run someone down and he really feels that way, let it fly man. Say what you want.

So I'm not gonna suddenly become all controversial, but I may start posting on THIS blog more when something strikes me if I remove the "diplomacy" tag from my thoughts.

Maybe if I'm asked about a roleplay, instead of saying "oh, it was just fine" I'll say what I'm thinking, which is probably "it was a waste of my fucking time and gave me a headache just reading it".

In other words, I'll just post my private conversations with the people I talk to in AIM.

Besides, let's be honest - if I still had Dan Ryan active, I'd be wreckin' all you fools in these rankings...
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