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Welcome back to the blog, me.

I took a break from this for a while. Mostly it had to do with my current term kicking my ass, but also it had a lot to do with my expanding commitments in the e-fedding world. Some of that has changed, some hasn’t. BUT – I’ve had a few topic swirling around my mind lately, enough that I thought I’d put a blog up.

A couple things I’ll touch on in the next few posts:

A. My time in VWF - I promised to talk about this once my run was over. I’ve taken my leave of the place so I’ll go into my experiences there.

B. Sin City Showdown – For those who don’t know, this was the joint show that was put together by my own fed, Empire Pro Wrestling and originally WFW:NE, which later became the separate NGEN and NEW Era.

C. Black Dawn – which EPW is now in the process of roleplay for.

First thing’s first – the VWF, or Viking Wrestling Federation.

My involvement with VWF mostly came about due to some interaction with TripleB on the Torch forums. Although he seemed to get in arguments with very good friends of mine, I have this weird tendency to seek out people who I may not agree with and find out for myself if they are truly insane, or perfectly reasonable but with differing opinions. Quite a few people in e-fedding are truly insane, you see. TripleB… Brad being his real name (I’ll feel stupid if I got that wrong), seemed decent enough though. Through chit chat he seemed to have a fairly decent head on his shoulders and had good thoughts and ideas on e-fedding in general. I was looking to branch out of my usual stomping grounds a little bit, so I deciding his VWF would be where that branching took place.

I can’t say enough good things about the man himself.

He’s a very level headed guy and knows his stuff. He’s also super involved in tons of e-fedding related activities across several communities, which is impressive.

I wish that I could say as many nice things about the fed itself though.

Honestly, it confounds me a little bit. As smart a guy as he is and as much as I like the guy, I don’t think I came across a roleplayer in the fed that I thought was any better than “decent”. There were a lot of little things in roleplay that just shouldn’t be happening in a respectable fed. Things like using random celebrities to put your character over and massive grammatical and spelling errors, and that's being kind. I don't expect perfect spelling, but some of this was egregious.

The people who wrote the roleplay, however… again, couldn’t have been nicer.

This is why I think I stayed around like I did instead of running for the hills immediately, as a friend of mine suggested. The OOC community in VWF is very welcoming and friendly. They were cool to an outsider and I received compliments a few times in private messaging on what I was writing. But ultimately, it didn’t feel very challenging to “compete” there. I could have stayed and worked with people in a non-competitive fashion and have a decent enough time I think.

The cardwriting also wasn’t the best in the world. A show in particular we waited quite a while on, and the match I was in was about a ten line writeup – and not a very good one.

In the end, I can’t say that I’d recommend VWF really. I wouldn’t go out of my way to bash it though either. It reminds me a lot of what e-feds were in the circle I came up in about a decade ago. It seemed simpler and very no frills. The pic bases I hate, and think makes the whole thing look very amateurish. To me it feels pretty ridiculous to be reading a roleplay and the dude has the freakin’ actor who plays Sawyer on Lost as a representation of who he is, or AJ Styles, or Christian or whatever. It’s just dumb, in my opinion.

So yeah – that was my experience. Some may think I’m crazy, but I could see myself going back someday just because it’s a nice place to roleplay despite what I see as not-so-challenging writing. But it wouldn’t be my top fed. I couldn’t see it as the one where my primary stuff is done. If I had to "compete" there and take it too seriously, I would go insane I think.

Next post – on to Sin City Showdown…
13 January 2010 @ 09:26 am
Well, I guess that last blog post was a waste of time.

The one reply I did get from anyone who does any of the things I mentioned (I assume) was an anonymous comment with an insult. Not a particularly good insult either. Oh well.

I’ll stop trying to understand these things and just have a look for myself. I joined the VWF last week. I’ve seen some tension between the owner, the Torch poster known as Triple B and other FW guys recently but he’s been a pretty good guy when we’ve talked and has a pretty good head for the hobby it seems. So I thought that’d be a good place to put my neck out and experience another part of the e-fedding world.

The VWF is part of the E-Fed Knights, which I’m not familiar with AT ALL aside from what I read and what I hear from people. So this will be a fresh experience. They’ve never heard of me or my characters as far as I know, and I dig that. It’s not such a bad thing to prove yourself all over again.

I’ll comment on how things look over there as we go forward, but I anticipate that it’ll be a positive experience. So far, so good. First match upcoming.

On another note, the beginning of the big joint effort to put a big show together alongside WFW:NE has begun with the roleplay period for Aggression 50 starting yesterday.

The planning process has been interesting. But everything has worked out pretty well so far. I’m happy with the way it’s going right now and I expect a pretty good turnout both for the early shows and for the joint card as well. The one thing that’s challenging for something like this is balancing the needs of each fed with the need to put on a stellar show, which I intend to do. But it’s all about setting egos aside and being more concerned with the product. It’s fun to do shows like this.

Let’s see, what else?

A couple of news items or updates:

-- The EPW Hall of Fame announcement is coming soon. I’m waiting on a few hype pieces and that’ll be good to go.

-- The Best of EPW DVD is coming along nicely. I expect that to be ready to go by the time Aggression 50 roleplay ends at the latest.

-- Getting some fresh faces in the fed right now and that bodes well for things as we move forward. There’s a ton of talent on the roster to play around with when making booking plans and that makes what I do fun as hell.

That’s about it for the moment. Short update today – more later.
04 January 2010 @ 08:29 am
Ok, now that the unpleasantness of last week is over, let's move on.

I've been looking around other e-fedding communities lately. A lot of this has to do with sheer curiosity. I'm a well known isolationist in my circle of feds. I only really go to feds I'm not already in if I'm recommended to do so. Generally, the joining of said feds happens when I'm super bored and itching for something to do.

But in looking around Torch and EWZine and more recently The Experts and EfedKnights, I do have a few legitimate "culture" questions.

1. Why do any of you use pic bases? Why is it cool or in any way original to create a character and then use Christian or Rob Van Dam or Austin Aries as the graphical representation of this character. Doesn't that kind've fly in the face of the originality you're trying to go for? If you're writing for a guy and I see Christian's smirking mug as your signature or avatar, aren't I just gonna think of Christian? I'm just saying - this seems unbelievably unoriginal to me, and it's never been a staple of any of the feds I've been involved in. Legitimate question. I'm curious as to the rationale there.

2. Signatures. Is there any reason why, on some of these sites/communities, the items in the signature fields are ten times larger than the actual post content? Whether it's several very large banners for the aforementioned pic bases and logos created for their characters, or a huge hype graphic of some kind, it's a little out of control. I found some of these forums downright difficult to read because of this. Legitimate question. Again, I'd really like to know why this isn't discouraged. As an admin this would drive me up the friggin' wall.

3. Why do you still allow handlers to writer for "real" wrestlers? By this I mean, why do people still get to write for "Chris Jericho" or "Bret Hart". Going back to point #1, isn't this unbelievably unoriginal and pointless? Where's the talent in writing for a character that's already very established in style, moveset, speaking and history? What's the point in that? Don't we want to create characters from the ground up? In my case at least, the fun is in creating an entire person and not just a name to go trash talk with. I can tell you everything about my character's life, how he would react in literally any situation, where he went to school (not that you'd care) and a million other minute details that would define his psyche. He's a human being who is a professional wrestler. He's not a cardboard two dimensional avatar of a human being. Legitimate question. Why do people still do this, and why would anyone want to read it?

4. How old are most of you in these other communities? Average age, I'm talking. I see a lot of "we've been in business for over ten years", that sort of thing. Are we saying then that you're in your mid-30s and have been doing this since you were 22? Or are you 25 and you've been doing it since you're 14? I'm gonna sound egotistical here, and I'm really not trying to - but a lot of what I'm reading, at least so far seems remarkably similar in style and form to what we were doing in our community about ten years ago. We changed a lot, and maybe it's just that we evolved our version of the game off in a different direction than these other places did - but some of it seems really elementary. And yet, these are the feds and names I see all over the rankings and awards on some of these sites that say they cover many different corners of the e-fed world. I really really have to wonder if either A) There are some SEVERE homer tendencies going on or B) some of these people have Special Ed Syndrome, which is basically how I refer to people who themselves are so mediocre that mediocrity in others impresses them. They're confused by a character or by writing that is truly dynamic and complex in anyway, and that comes out in their opinions.

Look, I'm not a writing genius. I do know good writing though. I'm not a professional writer, although it is something I've excelled at academically. I have a pretty good grasp on what good writing is and what it isn't - enough to know that there are a lot of good to great writers in this hobby. I've been able to hang with a lot of them, but some are way above me also. These however, are questions I have. Legitimate questions, not trying to sound like a dick (if that's how I sound) - because I'm really curious about this stuff.

Why did this come about?

I was sifting around some of these other communities, thinking... maybe I should join one of these leagues. I like to experience something before I know it. If it confounds me how these other feds are considered great, I owe them a personal show in the very least before forming a judgment.

So - I'd really like to know. Why are these things accepted?

Just curious.
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29 December 2009 @ 06:32 pm
You know, sometimes it's just not worth it.

I found myself getting involved in some heated nonsense over on EWTorch last week. Why do I let myself get into this kind of crap? Against my better judgment, after hearing about some random stuff going on over there I went and looked in for myself. With one posted reply I got myself involved and did something I always preach to never EVER do.

I roped myself into arguing with people who I will simply never ever see eye to eye with. I banged my head against a wall and ended up backing away simply to retain sanity. I found myself conceding a bunch of bullshit just because I wanted it to end the same way I catch myself arguing with one of my children. God, that sounds condescending - and I'm sure it will probably offend someone at how arrogant it seems, but I promised honesty on this blog and that's what you'll get.

Everything that happened on Torch last week just reinforced tenfold my conviction that sometimes different corners of a hobby just have absolutely no business interacting with each other on a community-wide level. On an individual level there can absolutely be progress made. I sense that not everyone there is brain dead. But I also realized that banging your head against a wall to try and force someone to not argue like a five year old or be a massive hypocrite is an unbelievable waste of time. Katz summed it up perfectly in one of his few posts on the matter. He said that the guy's first, third and fiftieth mistake was believing that doing a ton of work on a site absolves you from repercussion. That's paraphrased, but he said it better than any of the rest of us did. Apparently there are some in this hobby who actually believe that the more work you do, the less accountable you are when in reality this is quite backwards. I've never known anyone who has stepped up to a position of authority or leadership who wasn't subject to being put under a microscope, and to wantonly go around making editorial posts disguised as "news", taking pot shots at feds that have nothing to do with your problem with someone and then hiding behind this idea that because you do a lot of work on a website you can do whatever you want is frankly one of the most absurd things imaginable.

Swamp - I don't think I even know your real name - but regardless, this isn't meant to start anything back up. It's just my definitive and final comment on the subject. Your mindset is just totally mind boggling to me and it's just very obvious that based on this, we'll never ever see eye to eye if you continue to operate this way. Furthermore, operating that way will keep me from ever respecting much of whatever work you do in the hobby no matter how great it is. I've said it a thousand times in regard to my own fed, I'll take a quality person over a quality roleplayer ten times out of ten. This is an opinion based hobby, but there are certain outlooks in life that I choose not to associate with. Arrogance and an inability to put your ego aside are two of them. I hate to use Katz's example one more time, but having Billy do his tongue in cheek rankings and watching you not only go off on half the feds in FW, but post that same rant on about six different community forums told me everything I need to know really. Drama queens, I have no time for.

I'd like to be civil with you. But quite frankly you pretty much offend every sensibility I have where this hobby is concerned.

I think you're doing an admirable job of patronizing everyone you come in contact with, but I think in the very least where FW.com is concerned, that's all you're doing. You don't have the slightest interest in involving us in anything your site does, and involving our wrestlers in your rankings is another sham. It's just a nice way to add six or seven more feds to your rankings spreadsheet so you can impress everyone with how many feds you "keep up with". Except you don't. You check surface results and plug a number into Excel. That this impresses people astounds me. The fact that you're taken aback when everyone on our circuit isn't impressed with it also astounds me. It tells me you're either grossly ingenuine and playing the role to the grave, or you're profoundly stupid. Your patronizing attitude is further displayed in just about every discussion topic I see on that site. You don't see FW people mentioned even remotely, and not that it affects us in any real sense, but it pretty clearly shows your surface interest in our feds. The truth of the matter is that those of us who HAVE checked out your site and community did so grudgingly because there's really no point to any of it. Most of the FW people I know are perfectly happy the way things are. If we want to leave and go check out other feds, we do. We always have. If people want to join ours, they do. They always have. This idea that you're blazing a trail and filling a void is unbelievably arrogant. There are people in this hobby with me that I've known over ten years. There are one or two that I am good friends with that have been doing this for two decades. We were the first generation of e-fedders when the internet came online in the first mass marketed way. We were on Prodigy when it was the ISP of choice before AOL took over. Half the feds on the internet are an offshoot of the games and communities that Chad Merritt and Steven Thomas founded or were somehow associated with in the early 90s before the latest wrestling boom took the hobby to it's golden era.

So you can see how the idea that you show up with your website, claiming a position of authority and expertise while arrogantly looking down on anyone who dares challenge your opinions or methods is something we simply won't tolerate. So please stop patronizing our community. We're laid back because we've seen it before. We most certainly are not stupid. Jon Katz is probably the most chill, least likely to rant person I've ever known in this hobby and you provoked him to response. You put him on your staff as part of your charade to pretend as though you give a damn, and it's only now that he's seen in you what he REALLY signed up for.

Quite honestly, I don't think you read my fed at all. I think you including our wrestlers on your rankings is silly and after watching the way you go about your business, I'd find it just as well that you stop following even our wins and losses. Simply put, if the trade off of being "covered" by you means that you claim carte blanche to say whatever the fuck you want to us, do whatever the fuck you want to us, then run off into a cave, delete threads, posts and other evidence, then claim that any further defense shows that we're "not letting it go", that we need to "come down off our ivory tower", etc. then I'm sorry, but we'll have to decline your coverage.

I'm saying this all publically because quite honestly, I backtracked publically and tried to make amends on your forums. I feel stupid for that, because I did it out of a feeling of wanting to make peace. But I was being dishonest with myself on that. So, I want to make sure there's absolutely no assumption in anyone's mind that I approve of or tolerate your way of doing things in any way.

Finally, I can't believe that anyone is fighting over this "Kirsta" chick over there. I don't know her from anyone else, but everyone talks about the girl on those forums so I thought I should go read up for myself. She keeps being named as best of the best on those "best of" threads. I thought I should read something the girl wrote before saying anything.

I did.

I only read the first two thirds of one posting. It was amateurish fan fiction nonsense. Sentences mashed together, jumbled up thoughts that should be separated into several sentences made into long single sentences that don't make any sense, and just cringe-worthy dialogue and internal monologue that would make George Lucas blush.

I don't get it. I really don't. I go out of my way to not hurt people's feelings normally, but I seriously can't fucking believe you people would fight over this chick. If she left my fed after I let her in and found out she wrote like THAT, I'd count myself lucky and lock the damn door. I've let people slip through the cracks like this before. I do my damndest to make sure they have fun, hope to help them get better and find a niche in the fed and contribute. But...

She's one of your best of???

I really fucking hope not, because I'll say this: Lindsay Troy would kill herself if she had roleplay like that. I once heard someone joke that Oprah was rich and Bill Gates was wealthy, that Bill Gates would slit his wrists if he woke up and had Oprah's money.

Well, Lindsay Troy would slit her wrists if she woke up and wrote like this Kirsta person. Seriously slit her fucking wrists.

I'm done. That's my last post on the subject of the Torch - so I will now gladly step back now and get to what really matters, running my fed, making my handlers have the best damn time they've ever had in an e-fed and being part of a community that spends time complimenting each others' styles and truly looking out for the best interests of the hobby instead of one that gives lip service but fills itself with the same ass kissing patronizing bullshit which exists in corporate America that those of us still in this hobby who are grownups use this game as an escape from.

I have my own children to babysit. I don't have time for any more.
05 December 2009 @ 04:25 pm
Alright everyone, on the heels of a controversial post earlier in the week - allow me to make the promised major announcement I've been hinting at.

This coming January, I'm very very pleased to announce we at EPW will once again be joining together with our friends at New ERA, now joined with WFW and known as WFW:NE to present a joint show.

The first time we did this with Wrestlestock it was a tremendous success, so I have no doubts that this one will go off without a hitch as well.

Last time we did mixed shows with EPW and New ERA matches interspersed across a two night wrestling festival.

This time we're gonna throw a little something different at you.

EPW & WFW:NE Present Sin City Showdown.... will be a one day, ALL DAY marathon event from the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The event will be set up as follows:

Early in the day EPW will present Aggression 50, our celebration of our 50th edition of our flagship show along with some festivities to celebrate this milestone.

That afternoon, WFW:NE will present Destrucity II, their upcoming PPV.

Finally, that evening in a first for the FWC communities we will present a joint show where EPW stars will take on WFW:NE stars..

Roleplay for this will be done in a staggered style, with Aggression 50 RP happening in the first 10 day stretch, followed by RP For Destrucity II during the writing period for Aggression 50, then RP for the joint show during the writing period for Destrucity II.

More details, including lineups to come!
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03 December 2009 @ 12:45 pm
Serious question. Why do they bother?

I'm talking about this whole idea of bringing e-fedding communities together. Why does anyone bother with this nonsense?

The idea that communities like PTC, FWC, PRIME, EWTorch, EWZine, the millions of angelfire leagues and any other I'm not personally aware of truly want to come together for any sort of common purpose or to put on any kind of showcase where the hobby benefits and everybody wins is horseshit. The idea that these communities want to come together for a tournament to compete with each other legitimately and honestly to see who is the best is even more horseshit to an exponential level.

Let's start with the premise behind these things.

"We want to bring communities together."

No you don't. Don't lie to me with that bullshit. I'm a grown ass man. I've been married over ten years, am raising three children - one of which is in high school, and I'm not a moron.

No one wants to bring anything together. Everyone involved wants to highlight themselves. Everyone involved wants to prove their way of doing things is the right/best way of doing it. That's why everyone is interested only so long as they're still involved. As soon as they lose one of two things will happen. They will either A) Disappear back from whence they came, never to be heard from again or B) Complain bitterly about the obvious bias that brought about their early exit.

Nothing is brought together, nothing is gained and the poor sap who in good faith wanted to bring this big event about gets nothing but a headache for his trouble.

That's just fact. If you don't agree with me, so be it. No, strike that. If you don't agree with me, you're an idiot. A big flaming shitpile of idiot wrapped into a ball of moron.

Ben Halkum, dude I don't know you from shit. But let me tell you something, and I am telling you this in the spirit of helping you.


The videos were embarrassing to the point of turning you into the borderline special ed kid who isn't allowed to access the University's radio station offices so he pirates his own but can't even get over his own slurred mongoloid speech, showing everyone why the real station wouldn't let him in the building in the first place.

You want to do this. You tried to do this.

It was unbelievably awful. It made me want to slap you. Not even punch. Slap. Because it made you look like a heaping pool of vagina begging for contributions to a concept that was inane from the get go. Two episodes in and you gave up. THANK GOD. I would be humiliated if a copy of something like that I did got out, if I did it when I was 11. I did an audio tape once of me pretending to be a DJ while then playing songs I had recorded off the radio. It was 1986 and it was embarrassing. To add on to this humiliation, while I have a pretty neutral accent for a guy born and raised in Texas now, when I was 11 I sounded like Forrest Gump. Not my finest hour. But you look like you're in your 20s, man. PLEASE. STOP. Or please don't have kids. I don't know if that's in danger of happening any time soon. Like I said, I don't know you. But someone's gonna find that shit on the internet. Someone's gonna find it, and someone's gonna say..... "Dude... is that your...DAD??" and the kid is immediately gonna be known as the kid with the dorky father and will likely spend the rest of his educational life getting spitballs thrown at the back of his head and the hard toe of a boot kicked into his rectum. Trust me. Hell, I might've been the one asking if that was his dad when I was that age and I might've even thrown a spitball or two. As for the boots... well, I was raised in Texas but I'm not really a boot kinda guy.

The final thing I'll say on that last video is this: dude, you were talking about giving away video games as prizes in a contest - except they were Xbox and PS2 games. Were these your old used games from high school, Ben? My God man.

I digress.

Why did this topic come into my head today?

Well, I've been in several TEAM events. I've watched the infighting, I've watched the bitchy whining about losses, the accusations of bias... I've seen it all. And now, we have this J Cup thing.

I saw the results thread on FWC, figured... I'll check this out. But first, let me read the feedback to see what I'm getting myself into. After all, my card reading time is valuable. I don't wanna think I'm about to read A Tale of Two Cities then it turns out to be the Chyna autobiography.

Right out of the chute.... first feedback post is a complaint about results. The next four posts agree with this first post or have a complaint of their own. Guess what?

I'm out.

This is a big fat pointless waste of time.

Joey? Again, I don't know you... but let me assure you...


None of these people give a rat's ass about anything other than trying to show off what they think is their amazing RP skill and as soon as you job one of them, the accusations will fly, the personal attacks will start on one side or the other and it all unravels.

So what's the solution to all of this?


Stop trying to understand the EWZine and EWTorch crowd if you're in FWC. I'm an FWC guy. Those guys over there that jump over to our group for TEAM events or whatever? My experience is they have a huge tendency toward drama and basic girl on girl slapfighting behavior. There is regular public calling out, regular bitching about irrelevant nonsense and general sense that everyone just wants to get one up on everyone else. That's my sense of it. Is it accurate? Well, this is my fucking blog - so yes, it's accurate.

FWC has a very strict no public airing of complaints policy. Private messaging function is there for a reason and we expect people to use it. If someone breaks this rule, that thread or post is deleted quickly. It's unacceptable behavior. Therefore, there are no big drama dust ups. Sometimes we deal with the after effects of private drama, but that's the place for it. Act like grown ass men instead of people who are unbelievable nerds and losers in real life and through e-fedding have found one place where they can express their superiority over someone in something. That's what those other communities seem like to me.

I've been asked to go do various feds over there multiple times in my life. I never have done it. Why? I already know what would happen. I'd get tired of all the pussy ass bitching and leave immediately. I don't have time for that shit. I just don't.

So what does that mean? Do we all go isolationist?

No, that's not what I'm advocating. I welcome and recommend that everyone try something different if it looks like something that's up your alley. But I'm sick of people saying, oh... come to my fed and just RP in the style you're used to.

No motherfucker. Come to my fed and add your distinctiveness to it, but blend in to some measure or your ass is gonna be making a quick U-Turn right back out. No one wants to judge fifty types of roleplay. I get enough headaches without reading about how you met the awesome fuckin' stewardess on your flight from one show to the next, she got midair flight attendant rage on you and how it makes you feel. I mean yeah, you understand her frustration and the choices she has to make, after all there must me a thousand ways to tie that neckerchief but why shit on you, right? I mean, if she wants to jump down your throat because.... HEY FUCK HEAD!! NO ONE GIVES A SHIT.

Make your fed distinctive. Give it character and a style all it's own. Stand out.

I run Empire Pro, alright?

I don't compete with NFW. I don't compete with WFW:NE. I don't compete with anybody else. I compete with myself. I compete with what I've done in the past and I want to make my handler feel a deep sense of pride in what we do in EPW. I don't give a shit what NFW does unless I'm handling there right now. That's not a knock on Katz and his product. It's a statement. I don't read his shows, at all. I'm not reading one of his PPVs and thinking "whoa, how're we gonna top that??". No. Do your thing, Katz.

He fills a valuable role in our community. His style is different from mine and I love that. Same with the other feds. You should have a place in one of these feds if you're a RP Fed kinda guy. There's something for everyone. THAT is what a community is.

I wouldn't do narrative if you paid me, and believe me Lindsay has all BUT tried to pay me to do it. It's not me. I don't wanna do a joint show with PRIME. What a complete fucking waste of time.

Do what you do, people. Invite people to come check out your style. But stop acting like anybody gives a damn about some big new world order of the e-fedding world.

Stop the cross community tournaments and stop the delusion that anything of the sort could be fair or have any point other than to frustrate all involved.


That's all.
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30 November 2009 @ 09:29 am
Alright, well Aggression 48 is in the books.

For a television type show I'm pretty happy with how it turned out. The roleplay turnout was good and a couple people who had been light on the roleplay lately really turned it up for this one. I like that desire to impress when you've been going through a rough patch. More than anything, I'm proud that EPW seems to inspire this kind of loyalty. I've never held personal issues or a busy schedule against a handler, but I had several come to be privately and say they really wanted to put on a show this time because of various other things holding them back lately.

Effort matters. That's for sure.

A couple of news notes:

- As I mentioned last time, Holzerman is on his way back. No news on who he's bringing in or in what capacity just yet, but it's good to see Tom back into things.

- Expect a big announcement on Aggression 50 soon. If you were wondering, yes... we absolutely plan on doing something special for it.

- Sean Edmunds has been a busy bee in updating and generally doing maintenance work on the old abandoned website. As you all know, I'm HTML retarded and without someone helping me out I'd basically run the whole thing off of the forums. Needless to say, Sean does a fantastic job as the site for his own site (New ERA) is very nice and now, ours has been spruced up a bit as well.

- The Sean Stevens swerve into Anthology has been a plan that's been worked on for some time. It's not easy making sure this many people are on the same page at the same time. This refreshes Anthology in a major way, too as I think it's absolutely vital to do something to keep stables vital if you wish the angle to go long term, which is the plan. Another major step in this angle should come on Aggression 49.

- Looking forward to a couple new members starting up this week assumedly.

I'll be interested to see what John Rivera does with his new MMA-styled fed. Any new venture in the community, I'm all for. Knowing John as I do, I can only assume there will be many conspiracy theories involved. How long before Jonathan Marx is accused of firing the "missile" that destroyed part of the Pentagon in 2001?

I keed.

Billy's fed is also on tap to start up in January and honestly, I expect it to be nuts. Though we may get one of those weird things where the person is crazy and his e-fed is serious. Probably not, as he expressed interest in my handling of Wong-Pei the Circus Trained Monkey Boy in his fed... but we'll see.
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20 November 2009 @ 07:57 am
Billy's pissing me off not updating his blog. He's so fucking lazy.

Hey Billy.

So we're in a little bit of a quiet period on FWC at the moment. Good news is, Aggression 48 should be out over the weekend or around Monday or so. Bad news is, nothing else on the entire community looks to be out anytime soon.

Some news on the EPW front:

- a couple of possible returns coming soon. John Doe seems to be a lock at this point, and I was also contacted by Tom Holzerman about a return. I'm only mentioning this because Tom specifically mentioned he didn't want a big surprise thing. BUT - he also mentioned it may not be with his JA character either. INTRIGUE?!~!!??? I think so.

- I'm currently working on some plans for Aggression 50, which on our usual schedule should land around January. This will be a Supershow type deal in the middle of our normal PPV cycle and will have a special feel to it, but I don't want to go overboard either. It won't be a show that stands separate from storylines for the most part as I don't want to interrupt the flow of things. However, there will likely be some special matches that don't have anything to do with current goings on, just for fun.

- Still working on getting every EPW show onto the forums. As I have time, I'm transferring them over from the old website.

As for the e-fedding hobby on the whole, I signed up for accounts on EWZine and Torch but aside from a short discussion on Billy's rankings controversy, they've both bored me to tears. Bottom line is, those guys don't give a rats ass about the FWC circle. They don't compete with us, so why should they? So, no discussion that interests me at all. I appreciate the WWR guy trying to "include us" or whatever and what he's TRYING to do, but it's probably a waste of his time. Part of Billy's point in his blog rings true - he simply doesn't know enough about what's going on in our feds to make a real judgement any more than I would know what's going on enough in PRIME or any other fed I'm not part of.

Not to mention, while it's fun - I always kind've thought these rankings based on actual stats, even when Jenkins tried it with our community, are kind've pointless. I appreciate awards and such voted on by the handlers much much more, because it means the people you compete with appreciate your writing, angles and such. A person's rankings should probably just be their opinion, because a true qualitative representation is impossible.

Oh and Billy, a "Fusenshoff" is a "German drunk who touches girls of questionable sexual orientation inappropriately in a bar while drinking fruity juice based alcoholic drinks." That's according to Webster.

Hope that clears THAT up.
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05 November 2009 @ 02:10 pm
This is a little satire piece, written by several people - a nod to the Golden Dreams Fan Fest over in A1E and to those who have... beaten Dan Ryan.

NOT posted in the actual fanfest thread - because there are non-A1E people involved, and involved without their permission. Thus, these are spoofs and not the opinions necessarily of the characters involved.

Either way - funny.

Here we go:

[Over to one side of the A1E Golden Dreams Fan Fest, a gigantic stage has been erected. This year, Nathan Houston has booked various bands to play while the fans enjoy all the fun that comes with an event like this.

One person, however, is not very happy.

CASTOR V. STRIFE stomps over to behind the stage, looking pissed off.]

Castor: Goddamnit, where is everyone? You should be sound-checking, you're on in ten minutes!

[Off to the side, NOVA lights up a joint, while LINDSAY TROY shrugs.]

LT: I dunno.

[CASTOR looks around to the empty instruments on stage, then back to the "band."]

Castor: Where's James Irish?

LT: Irish is probably getting more people for his Mafia Guild or whatever he does on Facebook these days that blows up my Live News Feed.

Castor: Big Dog?

Nova: Heard he was going to Indiana.

LT: And I told you that Clarence Clemons* is on tour with the Boss. Did you call Bill Clinton** to fill in on sax?

Castor (groans): He's too busy getting Hilary's pantsuits from the dry cleaners. Where's Jecht?

Nova: I think he's still reeling from your witty, scathing repartee during promo week.

LT: He was whining about having to play bass anyway, since nobody cares about the bassist.

Nova: Didn't he want to do vocals?

LT: Isn't it bad enough to listen to him talk? You want him to SING too?

[Nova lets out a stream of smoke from his nostrils.]

Nova: Point.

Castor: UGH. Well there's only one thing left to do...I gotta call Duchess.

[TROY scowls.]

LT: No, FUCK THAT. I told you that I'm not letting her in the band. If you want to be our videographer, that's cool, but you have no say in who gets to be in the group. That was the agreement.

Nova: I don't think they make mic stands short enough for her, anyway. They cut them off at Ronnie James Dio height.

LT: And it's not in the budget for an industrial-size ladder.

Castor: Aren't you two mega-bajillionares? You're telling me you can't afford a ladder?

Nova: The economy, man. Come on.

LT: Besides, it's the principle of the thing.

Nova: Plus, we're lazy.

LT: PLUS, if I send Greenie to get one, the only thing he'll come back with is a bookie slip for the Pats/Dolphins game this weekend. (Beat) I think he has a gambling problem.

[The entire Universe nods their collective heads in agreement.]

Castor: Well great. Isn't this JUST GREAT. And I even brought the Voice-Over guy to intro the band.


[CUT-TO: CROSS' FALCON flying over the crowd, pulling a banner that says "Harlots."]


Castor (yelling over the V/O guy): Where'd the bird come from?

LT (yelling over the V/O guy): Oh, I asked Xandor if I could borrow him. In return I have to persuade Nathan Houston to have Cruise job the belt to him.


Nova: Hey, we beat Dan Ryan!

LT: Even though he tries to pretend I didn't!

Phil the V/O Guy: BEATING DAN RYAN! COMING TO THE 2009 A1E GOLDEN DREAMS FAN FESTIVAL! A Castor V. Strife production.

[CASTOR, NOVA and TROY all clap. Overhead, CROSS' FALCON screeches.]

Castor: Well, this was wrought with epic fail. I guess I'll just go tell Houston the gig is off.

[He walks off.]

LT: Good thing I said we'd do this for free, or else we'd have to give money back.

Nova: Times be rough. Let's go get some booze. DRINKING CONTEST!

LT: You're not allowed to make me laugh when I'm chugging an Irish Car Bomb this time, ass.

[CUT-TO: CROSS' FALCON, landing on Troy's shoulder, wearing a sign that says "FADE TO BLACK."]

*beat Dan Ryan in a Thumb War.
**beat Dan Ryan at Banging Interns
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05 November 2009 @ 06:56 am
Ok, so I decided something. I'm just an opinionated person. The reason why I never could quite get into updating this thing is because as a fed head on FW.com I've always felt that I should be a little... diplomatic, let's say.

I have a pretty notorious temper when pushed. It hasn't really gotten me into trouble in the hobby mostly because it tends to be of the "righteous anger" kind rather than the more common random outbursting you might see from some. If my buttons are pushed, I can go off a little - but it takes some pushing.

But like I said, I'm opinionated. So I'm not gonna fight that anymore. Why not just say what I want? I'm pretty honest and straightforward with my handlers in EPW. I don't blow smoke up their ass. I've had to tell one or two in the past when pressed on their place on the card or a match result in less than polite terms how I felt about the issue in question, so why not be the same way in a public forum?

That said, let me say this...

I wouldn't make the sort of post Billy made on his blog the other day, at least the parts insulting other feds unprovoked, but at the same time...

How fucking great was that post, seriously?

I just dig the honesty, man. Billy is a button pusher mostly because he's not afraid to express his opinion. I don't think anyone should be apologetic for an expressed opinion on a personal blog. While I do feel like the various e-fedding forums are generally not the place for this sort of thing, and we've had a close to zero tolerance policy on posting that sort of stuff on FWC forever, a personal blog is the perfect venue. If he wants to run someone down and he really feels that way, let it fly man. Say what you want.

So I'm not gonna suddenly become all controversial, but I may start posting on THIS blog more when something strikes me if I remove the "diplomacy" tag from my thoughts.

Maybe if I'm asked about a roleplay, instead of saying "oh, it was just fine" I'll say what I'm thinking, which is probably "it was a waste of my fucking time and gave me a headache just reading it".

In other words, I'll just post my private conversations with the people I talk to in AIM.

Besides, let's be honest - if I still had Dan Ryan active, I'd be wreckin' all you fools in these rankings...
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