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29 December 2009 @ 06:32 pm
Give Peace a Chance  
You know, sometimes it's just not worth it.

I found myself getting involved in some heated nonsense over on EWTorch last week. Why do I let myself get into this kind of crap? Against my better judgment, after hearing about some random stuff going on over there I went and looked in for myself. With one posted reply I got myself involved and did something I always preach to never EVER do.

I roped myself into arguing with people who I will simply never ever see eye to eye with. I banged my head against a wall and ended up backing away simply to retain sanity. I found myself conceding a bunch of bullshit just because I wanted it to end the same way I catch myself arguing with one of my children. God, that sounds condescending - and I'm sure it will probably offend someone at how arrogant it seems, but I promised honesty on this blog and that's what you'll get.

Everything that happened on Torch last week just reinforced tenfold my conviction that sometimes different corners of a hobby just have absolutely no business interacting with each other on a community-wide level. On an individual level there can absolutely be progress made. I sense that not everyone there is brain dead. But I also realized that banging your head against a wall to try and force someone to not argue like a five year old or be a massive hypocrite is an unbelievable waste of time. Katz summed it up perfectly in one of his few posts on the matter. He said that the guy's first, third and fiftieth mistake was believing that doing a ton of work on a site absolves you from repercussion. That's paraphrased, but he said it better than any of the rest of us did. Apparently there are some in this hobby who actually believe that the more work you do, the less accountable you are when in reality this is quite backwards. I've never known anyone who has stepped up to a position of authority or leadership who wasn't subject to being put under a microscope, and to wantonly go around making editorial posts disguised as "news", taking pot shots at feds that have nothing to do with your problem with someone and then hiding behind this idea that because you do a lot of work on a website you can do whatever you want is frankly one of the most absurd things imaginable.

Swamp - I don't think I even know your real name - but regardless, this isn't meant to start anything back up. It's just my definitive and final comment on the subject. Your mindset is just totally mind boggling to me and it's just very obvious that based on this, we'll never ever see eye to eye if you continue to operate this way. Furthermore, operating that way will keep me from ever respecting much of whatever work you do in the hobby no matter how great it is. I've said it a thousand times in regard to my own fed, I'll take a quality person over a quality roleplayer ten times out of ten. This is an opinion based hobby, but there are certain outlooks in life that I choose not to associate with. Arrogance and an inability to put your ego aside are two of them. I hate to use Katz's example one more time, but having Billy do his tongue in cheek rankings and watching you not only go off on half the feds in FW, but post that same rant on about six different community forums told me everything I need to know really. Drama queens, I have no time for.

I'd like to be civil with you. But quite frankly you pretty much offend every sensibility I have where this hobby is concerned.

I think you're doing an admirable job of patronizing everyone you come in contact with, but I think in the very least where FW.com is concerned, that's all you're doing. You don't have the slightest interest in involving us in anything your site does, and involving our wrestlers in your rankings is another sham. It's just a nice way to add six or seven more feds to your rankings spreadsheet so you can impress everyone with how many feds you "keep up with". Except you don't. You check surface results and plug a number into Excel. That this impresses people astounds me. The fact that you're taken aback when everyone on our circuit isn't impressed with it also astounds me. It tells me you're either grossly ingenuine and playing the role to the grave, or you're profoundly stupid. Your patronizing attitude is further displayed in just about every discussion topic I see on that site. You don't see FW people mentioned even remotely, and not that it affects us in any real sense, but it pretty clearly shows your surface interest in our feds. The truth of the matter is that those of us who HAVE checked out your site and community did so grudgingly because there's really no point to any of it. Most of the FW people I know are perfectly happy the way things are. If we want to leave and go check out other feds, we do. We always have. If people want to join ours, they do. They always have. This idea that you're blazing a trail and filling a void is unbelievably arrogant. There are people in this hobby with me that I've known over ten years. There are one or two that I am good friends with that have been doing this for two decades. We were the first generation of e-fedders when the internet came online in the first mass marketed way. We were on Prodigy when it was the ISP of choice before AOL took over. Half the feds on the internet are an offshoot of the games and communities that Chad Merritt and Steven Thomas founded or were somehow associated with in the early 90s before the latest wrestling boom took the hobby to it's golden era.

So you can see how the idea that you show up with your website, claiming a position of authority and expertise while arrogantly looking down on anyone who dares challenge your opinions or methods is something we simply won't tolerate. So please stop patronizing our community. We're laid back because we've seen it before. We most certainly are not stupid. Jon Katz is probably the most chill, least likely to rant person I've ever known in this hobby and you provoked him to response. You put him on your staff as part of your charade to pretend as though you give a damn, and it's only now that he's seen in you what he REALLY signed up for.

Quite honestly, I don't think you read my fed at all. I think you including our wrestlers on your rankings is silly and after watching the way you go about your business, I'd find it just as well that you stop following even our wins and losses. Simply put, if the trade off of being "covered" by you means that you claim carte blanche to say whatever the fuck you want to us, do whatever the fuck you want to us, then run off into a cave, delete threads, posts and other evidence, then claim that any further defense shows that we're "not letting it go", that we need to "come down off our ivory tower", etc. then I'm sorry, but we'll have to decline your coverage.

I'm saying this all publically because quite honestly, I backtracked publically and tried to make amends on your forums. I feel stupid for that, because I did it out of a feeling of wanting to make peace. But I was being dishonest with myself on that. So, I want to make sure there's absolutely no assumption in anyone's mind that I approve of or tolerate your way of doing things in any way.

Finally, I can't believe that anyone is fighting over this "Kirsta" chick over there. I don't know her from anyone else, but everyone talks about the girl on those forums so I thought I should go read up for myself. She keeps being named as best of the best on those "best of" threads. I thought I should read something the girl wrote before saying anything.

I did.

I only read the first two thirds of one posting. It was amateurish fan fiction nonsense. Sentences mashed together, jumbled up thoughts that should be separated into several sentences made into long single sentences that don't make any sense, and just cringe-worthy dialogue and internal monologue that would make George Lucas blush.

I don't get it. I really don't. I go out of my way to not hurt people's feelings normally, but I seriously can't fucking believe you people would fight over this chick. If she left my fed after I let her in and found out she wrote like THAT, I'd count myself lucky and lock the damn door. I've let people slip through the cracks like this before. I do my damndest to make sure they have fun, hope to help them get better and find a niche in the fed and contribute. But...

She's one of your best of???

I really fucking hope not, because I'll say this: Lindsay Troy would kill herself if she had roleplay like that. I once heard someone joke that Oprah was rich and Bill Gates was wealthy, that Bill Gates would slit his wrists if he woke up and had Oprah's money.

Well, Lindsay Troy would slit her wrists if she woke up and wrote like this Kirsta person. Seriously slit her fucking wrists.

I'm done. That's my last post on the subject of the Torch - so I will now gladly step back now and get to what really matters, running my fed, making my handlers have the best damn time they've ever had in an e-fed and being part of a community that spends time complimenting each others' styles and truly looking out for the best interests of the hobby instead of one that gives lip service but fills itself with the same ass kissing patronizing bullshit which exists in corporate America that those of us still in this hobby who are grownups use this game as an escape from.

I have my own children to babysit. I don't have time for any more.
(Anonymous) on December 30th, 2009 01:42 am (UTC)
You should tell us what you really think.
(Anonymous) on December 30th, 2009 02:38 am (UTC)
Just to clarify...
EWTorch is Leary's (Dos Equis) and Voss' (American Panda) site.

Swamp Pirate is a contributor that was given an EWTorch Staff ID...and pretty much abused, molested and crapped on the admin privileges given to him by Leary and Voss. As another admin on the site, I've been trying to see if Swamp should have said privileges revoked.

(Anonymous) on December 30th, 2009 02:48 am (UTC)
Re: Just to clarify...

Obviously, when referring to the "site" in this post - with Swamp using the EWTorch Staff ID - that's where that designation came from, and anyone not involved in the discussed issues that may be an admin and/or owner of that site is not someone I lump together with the ones who do - as a clarification.
(Deleted comment)
(Anonymous) on December 30th, 2009 07:19 am (UTC)
Of course...
...you know this means I'm recruiting Kirsta Lewis into NLW now, don't you? :-) It's only fitting of this grand circus I'm trying to build.

TH, boyeeeeeholzerhedrpca on December 30th, 2009 02:21 pm (UTC)
Man, am I glad I stopped trying to be an ambassador to the eW world.
(Anonymous) on December 31st, 2009 08:18 am (UTC)
My Take...
Back when I ran the first WFW, I always asked to be kept out of ratings or coverage from sites like the EWTorch because I didn't really need any more members, my league was doing very well, and I just didn't want to have to deal with the BS that comes from sites like those. I'm not aiming to impress outsiders, my main concern is keeping my RPers happy and you know, nine times out of ten, if you run a good league, word will spread and people will come without having to deal with all of that stuff.

That site is basically like a lower rent, much less researched, Deathvalleydriver for Fantasy Wrestling. Don't get aggravated by things like this, it isn't worth it.

(Deleted comment)