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30 November 2009 @ 09:29 am
News and notes  
Alright, well Aggression 48 is in the books.

For a television type show I'm pretty happy with how it turned out. The roleplay turnout was good and a couple people who had been light on the roleplay lately really turned it up for this one. I like that desire to impress when you've been going through a rough patch. More than anything, I'm proud that EPW seems to inspire this kind of loyalty. I've never held personal issues or a busy schedule against a handler, but I had several come to be privately and say they really wanted to put on a show this time because of various other things holding them back lately.

Effort matters. That's for sure.

A couple of news notes:

- As I mentioned last time, Holzerman is on his way back. No news on who he's bringing in or in what capacity just yet, but it's good to see Tom back into things.

- Expect a big announcement on Aggression 50 soon. If you were wondering, yes... we absolutely plan on doing something special for it.

- Sean Edmunds has been a busy bee in updating and generally doing maintenance work on the old abandoned website. As you all know, I'm HTML retarded and without someone helping me out I'd basically run the whole thing off of the forums. Needless to say, Sean does a fantastic job as the site for his own site (New ERA) is very nice and now, ours has been spruced up a bit as well.

- The Sean Stevens swerve into Anthology has been a plan that's been worked on for some time. It's not easy making sure this many people are on the same page at the same time. This refreshes Anthology in a major way, too as I think it's absolutely vital to do something to keep stables vital if you wish the angle to go long term, which is the plan. Another major step in this angle should come on Aggression 49.

- Looking forward to a couple new members starting up this week assumedly.

I'll be interested to see what John Rivera does with his new MMA-styled fed. Any new venture in the community, I'm all for. Knowing John as I do, I can only assume there will be many conspiracy theories involved. How long before Jonathan Marx is accused of firing the "missile" that destroyed part of the Pentagon in 2001?

I keed.

Billy's fed is also on tap to start up in January and honestly, I expect it to be nuts. Though we may get one of those weird things where the person is crazy and his e-fed is serious. Probably not, as he expressed interest in my handling of Wong-Pei the Circus Trained Monkey Boy in his fed... but we'll see.
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(Anonymous) on November 30th, 2009 08:47 pm (UTC)
No no no, I asked for Wong Pei so I could bring him to NFW as part of Castor's entourage. :-) I think you told me you were bringing Akita to NLW. Honestly, the league is going to reflect the characters we get. Thus far, we have Buddy Jack Windham, and the death metal version of the Ultimate Warrior that Strawsma created. I think you'll see a good mix of everything. We're not intentionally going to be like the craziest elements of NFW Season 2, for instance, but it'll definitely get a little nuts. What I really want to get across is the crowd, and how alive it is. If you've read any of the NFW matches I've written, you'll notice I involve the crowd to a large degree. That's how NLW will operate, and everyone's characters will be thrust into that environment.